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Engineering production

We provide comprehensive processing of all types and stages of implementation activities with an emphasis on quality and efficiency to ensure the smooth running of your projects.

Production of machine parts

Within our own machine park we provide production of machine parts such as shafts, machined weldments, pinions, gears, guide leaves, gearbox housings. We produce complete units for you such as infeed and outfeed conveyors for straightening lines, rolling mill equipment, combs, bronze bushings.

Deliveries and completions within investment units

We apply our experience and knowledge to the delivery of investment units. We will complete and assemble the individual parts for you.

Quality control

Quality is a key element in everything we do. With a focus on precision, reliability, and technological advancement, we monitor every step of our production process. Our commitment to achieving the highest level of quality is evidenced by the fact that we are ISO 9001 certified.

Coordination and reporting of project, engineering and implementation activities

We have experience in the construction and overhaul of continuous steel casting plants (Třinecké železárny, Nová Hut‘, Jäkl Karviná) and we will gladly apply our acquired knowledge to your requirements. 

Supply of technological units and aggregates

We can handle the production of complex technological units according to your requirements. We have experience in the production of gear shafts, bearings and sealing elements for gearboxes, gear couplings, cardan shafts or telescopic spindles. 

Supply of special machines

We will be your partner in the development and production of special machines and prototypes. We are experienced in the production of oversized units such as the excavator wheel of mining equipment.

Maintenance and general repairs of machinery

We also deal with the repair of excessively worn parts and equipment.

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Ing. Vladimír Pergler
Managing director

+420 603 544 611

Areál bývalého dolu Ludvík
Šmídova 1366/16,
Radvanice 716 00 Ostava

Ing. Pavel Pergler
Sales manager

+420 730 828 697

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KP STRING s.r.o.,
Fričova 146/2, Nová Ves
709 00 Ostrava
IČO: 25383540
DIČ: CZ25383540 CZ25383540

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